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Free! Trial Classes-Wednesday, August 14th!

Please join us for a FREE TRIAL CLASS on Wednesday, August 14, 2024! Click here to view the classes & times-we're looking forward to welcoming you on campus! 


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Meet our Students

Jazmin Gonzalez Bonilla, High School Diploma Program

"I immigrated to the United States when I was 15 years old. Due to communication barriers and misinformation I was unable to enroll in a comprehensive high school. I always wanted to obtain my high school diploma and enrolled in the FUHSD Adult School in 2016, working full time while studying to earn my diploma. The Adult School values a diversity of cultures and promotes education for everyone. The opportunities and support were exceptional from beginning to end."

Surendranath Kumar Mandalam Sankariah, Career Technical Education Program

"One can find a lot of courses online, but there is no replacement for a teacher guiding students in an integrated approach and teaching students from various backgrounds and skill levels. Apart from earning my Data Science Certificate, adult education classes helped me to get to know many other people in the community and learn about various opportunities available. The FUHSD Adult School has a great faculty and industry experienced team. Thank you to FUHSD for initiating this certificate program."

Jiangrong Zeng, Certified Nursing Assistant Program

"I enrolled at the FUHSD Adult School to learn English two years ago. This has given me confidence and better job opportunities. I am very thankful for these programs. I want to thank my teachers for teaching me English, interview skills and resume writing."

Robert Alba, High School Diploma Program

"When I moved to San Jose for a job, I realized I needed to complete my diploma to have more educational and occupational opportunities. The Adult School was willing to work with me and my work schedule to help me complete classes. I want to thank my teachers who have shown me that there are teachers who are willing to support you no matter what challenges you have. Pursuing my high school diploma is absolutely worth the effort and for anyone thinking about going back to school, you can definitely do it."

Portrait of Annie Aarons-Sawi and Kalayo Sawi
Annie Aarons-Sawi and Kalayo Sawi, Bright Beginnings Preschool

"The FUHSD Adult School has given Kalayo a space to develop and grow socially, and has prepared him to continue his preschool and school path. He has been able to learn through play and physical activity, and has made friends that help him enjoy being at school. We have learned that the things Kalayo does or goes through are normal parts of toddler development. Although each child is different, we've learned that most toddlers go through the same struggles."

Fabiola Zavala, English as a Second Language program

"I first enrolled in adult education classes in order to learn English and get accepted into a nursing program here. My dream for the future is to become a nurse and work in a hospital. The Adult School has positively impacted my life in many ways - I can go to the bank, make appointments to go to the doctor, talk to my children's teachers and help them with homework. Coming to the Adult School can help people in the community to reach their goals."

By The Numbers


Certified Nursing Assistants complete certification


Dual Enrollment classes taken at De Anza or Foothill Community College 




Parents supported their children to grow and learn