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Practice Interview Class

In order to help prospective citizens prepare for their USCIS interview, we offer a special one-day class, ESL/Citizenship Interview Preparation. This class is offered twice a year, once in April and again in December. At this class, volunteers from the community act as interviewers and conduct mock interviews with the students. These interviews simulate an actual one, with the interviewers asking questions about American history and government as well as about the information on the N-400 form and dictating sentences, which the students must write.

Practice interviews between students are also conducted in the classrooms. In addition, each quarter, teachers conduct interviews with students on an individual basis.
To register online:

To register online, return to the citizenship page. Click on the orange box, "Citizenship Preparation." Scroll down to "Open Courses." Click on the class titled, "ESL/Citizenship Interview Prep." Then you can begin your registration. Even though this is a free class, you will still have to give your credit card information. Your credit card will NOT be billed. We just need it to hold a place for you in the class. Thanks for your interest in this class.