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I am interested in some classes not currently offered. How should I let you know?

We are always looking for new and interesting classes. And, if you know someone who may be interested in teaching a particular subject, have them contact the Coordinating Teacher, Janet Werner at (408) 522-2700.  

What does a material fee cover?

It may cover additional handouts or materials the instructor may pass out.
What does the food fee cover in the cooking classes?

The instructor shops and pays for food for the cooking classes. Students will partake of the meal at the end of the lesson; there are usually enough "leftovers" to take home. Bring empty containers!

How do I know what level, i.e. language classes, I should register for?

If the instructor feels that you are not in the appropriate level, he/she will let you know to contact the office to make a change.
How do I know if I am registered for a class?

If you registered online, you should get an email. If you registered by phone or in person, you may check your student account and review and print any class enrollment information there.  
What is your school refund policy?
No refunds will be given to students who voluntarily withdraw from the class in which they have enrolled.  Please choose your classes carefully.  Because teachers' salaries are paid by the fees collected, there are no refunds.  Refunds will be given automatically if we cancel a class.

How do I know if a class is cancelled?

If the class is cancelled, you will be notified by email or by phone, usually 1 or 2 days prior to the start of class.