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Our Transition Support Services are set up to support you while you are a student at our adult school and beyond.  Once you are our student, you are ALWAYS our student.  As you exit our school and begin your next steps--whether work, college or additional training--we are here to help. For example, do you need help filling out the FAFSA for college funding?  Need help picking your college classes? Need help thinking about which college fits your needs the best?  Are you feeling like you may be missing something that you need to be successful but you are not sure what it is and just want to brainstorm?  Need help with a resume or job application?  Make an appointment with the Transitions Counselor to access these and many more Alumni Services available to our former students.


There are also opportunities to give back to your school and support your peers that are currently enrolled at the adult school. When you contact the Transition Counselor, feel free to mention this and explore how you can continue to be a part of, and engage with, our community of learners.