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The High School Diploma/GED Program has a scholarship fund that can help you offset the costs of being an Adult School student based on need.  With a simple application, we can help you with the cost of such things as public transportation, the fees for taking GED tests, or support the cost of a course at the community college if it fulfills subject area credits needed for the Adult Diploma.  Our goal is to promote your success as an adult student by reducing as many barriers as possible that could potentially hinder progress toward your identified goals.  We also have scholarships that we award at graduation to help students transition to their next endeavor.  


The Scholarship Fund is supported annually through fundraising efforts every spring in March, where we celebrate the concept of ‘Pi in your life’  (translated numerically as 3.14 or π) with school wide activities that raise money for our scholarship fund.  In addition, our very generous partner--Cupertino Rotary--raise money to directly sustain our students through their annual scholarship fund donations.

Specific information for scholarships can be discussed with our Transition Counselor, but feel free to call or stop in the office to receive assistance in making that appointment.