Information Systems Certificate Programs

The FUHSD Adult School offers three certificate programs in the area of Information Systems.  All classes are offered online at this time. These courses are designed for the adult student who desires to succeed in the workplace and beyond.  Ample opportunities will be provided in the context of workplace scenarios.

Online Python Certificate courses are:

  • Python 1; Introduction Online: Learn the fundamental principles of the Python programming language.  Students will learn basic concepts, data structures and file handling.  
  • Python 2; Statistics Online: Using Python and Jupyter Notebooks, students will learn basic statistics including data sampling, probability and the ability to interpret univariate data.
  • Python 3; Data Science & Visualization Online: A continuation of Python 1, you will enhance your machine learning skills with additional knowledge of  Data Structures and many more.  Python 2 is a prerequisite for this class.
  • Python 4; Machine Learning Online.  

The Online Data Science Certificate continues your Python learning with the addition of Structured Query Language (SQL) and an introductory class in Tableau. The Online Data Science Certificate courses are:

  • All Python Certificate courses 
  • SQL 1 Online
  • SQL 2 Online
  • Tableau Online

The Online AWS Certificate through the Amazon Web Services Academy program courses are: 

  • Cloud Foundations Online
  • Cloud Architect Online

Meet our SQL teacher Krishnan Vishwanath

Vish has been employed in the domain of data management for over 30 years.  He began his career in Silicon Valley at Hewlett-Packard working on their SQL Database product.  In the 90s, he joined Netscape/America-Online followed by a few years at Yahoo! with Display Ad.  Through this period, Vish stayed close to the world of data management and analysis.  At present, he is with CAASTLE Inc. managing the data team.  We are pleased to have Vish as a member of our teaching staff helping our students to expand their knowledge and career paths.