Information Technology

Python Certificate Program is designed to teach Python programing through completion of the following classes.  Instruction is project based and will leverage on real life datasets that you will bring to class or use open source datasets.

Our Teacher is a researcher with experience in statistical and time-series analysis on large data sets. She also has data science expertise in modeling, data processing and visualization. Our students are working at Stanford University, Apple and Linkedin.

Python Certificate courses are:
  • Python 1; IntroductionLearn the fundamental principles of the Python programming language. Students will learn basic concepts, data structures and file handling. Start here if you are new to Python.
  • Python 2; Statistics: Using Python and Jupyter Notebooks, students will learn basic statistics including data sampling, probability and the ability to interpret univariate data. If you have a basic knowledge of Python, start with this class.
  • Python 3; Data Science & Visualization: Students will be able to obtain data from various sources, demonstrate data cleaning using Python libraries, perform exploratory data analysis and derive summary statistics that will  help in the development of more complex statistical models and inferential analyses.  Python 2 is a prerequisite for this class.
  • Python 4; Machine LearningStudents will be able to define and distinguish between supervised learning and unsupervised learning.  Students will also apply ML techniques such as cross validation and regularization.

“The quality of the teachers and the curriculum is outstanding. I've learned an immense amount in a short period of time. It has helped to give me a competitive edge in the job market. And the value is unbeatable having so many classes each quarter for a very affordable price.  What I've learned in these classes has not only helped me to be more productive and efficient in my current job, but it has also set me up for success long down the road as the future of the tech industry is undoubtedly about ML and AI.”