Medical Certificate Programs

The FUHSD Adult School offers three medical certificate programs. 

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is designed to train students as CNAs, through a blended classroom model.  We teach how to provide compassionate and competent patient care along with the technical and professional skills necessary to effectively work as a Nursing Assistant and pass the State of California certification examination with the Department of Public Health.  This class is conducted online and in-person and is articulated with Mission College.  Students may be able to earn 5.5 college credits.  Our CNA program will help you reach your goal of a successful, rewarding and meaningful career in healthcare.

  • CNA is a great entry point to a Medical career.  This first step can lead to higher wage credentials such as LVN, RN and BSN.
  • This class provides students with the theory behind helping patients along with hands-on experience working in one of our local nursing facilities.
  • Nursing jobs are growing at the rate of 15% every year in Santa Clara County (EDD).
  • Our Teachers are an RN and an LVN, each with over 10 years of teaching experience.
  • The pass rate for our students is 94% on the first attempt, 100% overall.
  • Our students have secured employment at Villa Siena, Manor Care and the Forum.
  • This course is articulated with Mission College.  Students can earn up to 5.5 college credits upon completion.
“I received my state exam results in the mail today and I am overjoyed to know that I passed both the written and skill test. I can’t thank you enough for the great experience the staff was amazing. I appreciate all your help and your tips.” - Nov 2020

The Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) program prepares Certified Nurse Assistants for certification as Home Health Aides by the State of California. 

  • You'll earn a Specialty license that prepares you to work with hospice patients.
  • The CHHA license is an add on to the CNA certificate that can bring a higher average wage. 
  • Our Teachers are an RN and an LVN, each with over 10 years of teaching experience. 
  • Our student pass rate is 100%.
  • Our former students are currently employed at Villa Siena and Marianist Center.
 “The CHHA credential gives me confidence for taking care of people. It really helps me. Thank you so much for suggesting taking the class.” - Nov 2020

The Medical Interpreter Certificate program; Teacher-led and online, provides bilingual students with valuable training to enhance accurate communication with patients through all stages of medical care. Medical Interpreter and Translator jobs are growing a the rate of 15% in Santa Clara County with a median wage of $25 per hour and offers flexible hours.  Our students have a 100% pass rate for the certificate exam and have secured jobs at Stanford Hospital and other independent agencies.

This certificate program consists of three courses,

  • Medical Terminology Beginning:  A foundational course where students build skills to understand medical terminology through word building, analysis of terms, pronunciation and spelling.
  • Medical Terminology Advanced:  This course is a continuation of Medical Terminology Beginning.  Students will continue to develop their medical vocabulary and word components while learning the terms relating to body systems.  
  • Medical Interpreter:  This is the final class in the certificate program and will provide bilingual students the knowledge and skills required to deliver accurate and complete interpretation in a health care setting.

Upon successful completion of all three classes, students are eligible to take the California or National Interpreter Certification exams.

 “I took Medical Terminology and Medical Interpreter classes at FUHSD Adult School. After that, I passed the CoreCHI exam on my first try and became a Certified Healthcare Interpreter.  I am currently working as a Medical Interpreter/Translator at a children's hospital and several interpreting agencies. Practicing role-play in school prepared me for clinical interpreting encounters.” - Shinobu Christian