Finish High School

The Adult Secondary Education Program assists students to earn their high school diploma (HSD) or equivalency (such as GED), and to prepare them for multiple postsecondary options. Our Transition Team supports students to develop career and college goals. 

To enter our program, students must:

  • Take a free placement test at the Adult School;
  • Attend Student Orientation to Academic Readiness (SOAR);
  • Obtain all high school and college transcripts; and
  • Make an individual counseling appointment with a member of the Transition Team.

You will need to contact your former high school or district office for official transcripts. Please plan ahead as this process may take several weeks.

Program Eligibility

Adult High School and GED programs are designed for students who plan to finish their secondary education and transition to college and/or career training. As a WIOA Title-I financially assisted program, Fremont Union High School District Adult School, is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.  

GED Eligibility

  • The minimum age to enroll is 18 years old; and
  • Your high school class has graduated, or you have not been enrolled in high school in the last 60 days. 

High School Diploma Eligibility

  • The minimum age to enroll is 18 or your high school class has graduated.
  • Adult students who are returning to school to complete their requirements for high school diploma. 

Current FUHSD High School Students

Current high school students whose class has not yet graduated need to contact their high school Guidance Counselor or Assistant Principal for referral procedures.

Register for a free placement test and orientation class by calling (408) 522-2700.

Students need to complete the Registration Form on testing day.

Pre-registration is required. You must sign up for both the placement test and SOAR when you register. Please plan for up to 2 hours for testing and up to 3 hours for SOAR. To pre-register for placement testing and SOAR, you may do so in one of the following ways:

  • By phone: (408) 522-2700
  • Walk in: Adult School's Vallco Campus (next to Benihana), 10123 N. Wolfe Rd. Suite 2085 in Cupertino

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pre-register?

Yes. Orientation classes, placement tests and counseling appointments take place at the beginning of August for first quarter enrollment and before the start of each subsequent quarter. Please check the website or call (408) 522-2700 for specific dates.

It is necessary to Pre-Register either by phone at (408) 522-2700 or in person at the Adult School Vallco Campus, located at 10123 N. Wolfe Rd., Suite 2085 (next to Benihana) in Cupertino

How long will it take me to finish my diploma/GED?

In order to make the best progress toward your goals, we will help you create an individualized learning plan with a target of finishing required course work or preparation in less than two years. Our experience shows that you can meet your goal by attending every class session so that you can get help and direction when you need it. Our program includes direct instruction in both individual and group settings, as well as academic support for independent study and distance learning.

When can I start?

Students may enroll on a space available basis at the beginning of each quarter. Please refer to the Adult School webpage for calendar information.

Will you provide me with books?

In the majority of high school diploma and GED classes, books and other materials are provided. Textbooks are checked out to each individual student, and the student is responsible for maintaining and returning texts when they have completed a class. Also, you can find GED study guides online, at the library, or at most major book retailers.

What do I need to know about the new GED?

The new GED is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and is computer based. Students need to demonstrate and be comfortable with basic computer competencies including:  drop down menu, highlight, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, hot spot, and word processing.  Students will need to show proficiency in critical reading skills, analytical writing skills, data and graphic skills, and high school level algebra and geometry. 

Check out the official GED website to establish your personal account, explore the test format and types of questions and take an official practice test to determine how ready you are to begin testing. Please be sure to select Fremont Union High School District Adult School as your test preparation center and give permission for us to check on your progress.

Do I need my high school transcript or college transcript?

Yes. In order to make the most appropriate decisions at your counseling appointment, you should bring any and all transcripts that you think would apply in assessing your credit status. Please obtain an official transcript from the last high school you attended. In addition, if you have earned credit at any college, it is useful to obtain your official college transcripts. College credits count double at FUHSD Adult School.

What is best for me: a high school diploma or the GED?

After you complete a placement test and orientation class, you will schedule a counseling appointment with a member of the Transition Team. At this appointment you will: (1) create an individual plan to complete your secondary education and transition to college or career; (2) review what options are most appropriate; (3) decide whether to pursue a high school diploma or a GED; and (4) create a class schedule. You will need official transcripts for your counseling appointment.


A graduation ceremony is held annually on the last Tuesday in June to celebrate and recognize students who have completed their high school diploma or GED. The graduation ceremony for the 2018-19 school year is scheduled for June 25, 2019, at 7 p.m. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. Please mark your calendars now.

Contact Information

Carvette McCalib
Coordinating Teacher
(408) 522-2771