Adult Basic Education

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program supports students to gain the academic knowledge and skills needed to complete a high school diploma, acquire college readiness, or prepare for career and vocational training. The ABE program is appropriate for students who want to:

  • Complete a high school diploma;
  • Earn a High School Equivalency;
  • Transition to community college;
  • Seek employment; or
  • Obtain a better job.

ABE teachers provide direct instruction in the following subject areas:

  • Reading comprehension;
  • Academic vocabulary development;
  • writing proficiency;
  • Math competency;
  • Test-taking strategies;
  • Study skills; and 
  • Workforce readiness. 

Online programs may also be available and appropriate for the student to use outside the classroom. 

As a WIOA Title-I financially assisted program, Fremont Union High School district Adult School, is an equal opportunity employer/program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.  

Pre-registration is required. Please call the Adult School office at (408) 522-2700 for registration information. A placement test, Student Orientation for Academic Readiness (SOAR), and a one-on-one counseling appointment are all required for enrollment in classes. Students need to complete the Registration Form on testing day. Students can register for both the free Adult Basic Education (ABE) placement test and SOAR now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll in an Adult Basic Education (ABE) class?

Pre-registration for a placement test and Student Orientation for Academic Readiness (SOAR) are required. Please allow up to two hours for placement testing and up to three hours for SOAR. Call the Adult School office at (408) 522-2700 for enrollment information.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Students who are pursuing a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency (HSE), are taking career and technical training and/or are transitioning to college and who require additional academic support in order to reach these goals are eligible for the Adult Basic Education program. Assignment into this program is determined by the placement test, SOAR and counseling appointment which follows the completion of the mandatory placement test and SOAR. 

I need to improve my English listening and speaking skills. Can I enroll in an ABE class?

Adult Basic Education class is only for students who need to improve their reading, writing and math skills in order to be successful in a secondary program leading to the completion of a High School Diploma or HSE, or who wish to prepare for college or career and technical training.

Students who need to enhance their English listening/speaking skills should enroll in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program or possibly one of the English Enhancement classes offered through the FUHSD Adult School. Please call (408) 522-2700 for ESL information.