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Bright Beginnings Preschool

Bright Beginnings Preschool is a parent participation preschool and parent education program, founded in 1978 as the on-site Parent Participation Preschool for the FUHSD Adult School. The school's goal was to provide a program that would allow parents of preschool age children to learn parenting skills through observation and participation with their child in the preschool setting. We offer high-quality, developmentally appropriate preschool classes together with parent education. Bright Beginnings has grown from four parent participation classes in 1978, to 25 preschool classes today. Learn more about our program by watching this brief video.

Child's Program

Our experienced, credentialed teachers emphasize a variety of age appropriate activities focused on exploration and observation. This approach allows for the development of the whole child: emotional, physical, intellectual, and social. Children learn at their own pace and through their own learning style in an enriched environment. Classes are organized by age.

Parent's Program

Parents interact with and observe children in the preschool setting. They function as helpers in the classroom and on the playground. They assist the teacher and supervise for safety. Parents meet with their teacher to learn developmentally appropriate practices and discuss different aspects of raising a young child. Topics include cognitive development, social development, speech and language development, discipline techniques, and available community resources.  Weekly parent participation is required for all Bright Beginnings classes.