Staffed by highly-qualified, licensed and credentialed teachers, our academic programs provide students with a variety of learning opportunities that reinforce content proficiency and scholastic achievement.  Our High School Diploma/GED Program, English as a Second Language, and Career Technical Education Programs, are all based on academic standards aligned with Common Core and the College and Career Readiness Standards.   

In the High School Diploma/GED Program, students receive letter grades and credits for all classes they attend in which they have demonstrated a sufficient competency for credit attainment. Students find support for their coursework in our Learning Resource Center (open computer lab) where students are welcome to use computers to finish and print assignments, do research, work with a staff member or complete group projects or homework, and explore counseling activities available through Naviance, our web-based counseling tool. Our full time Transition Counselor is also located in the Learning Resource Center and is available to help students monitor their personalized academic plan and access student support resources.  Alumni are also supported for two years after completing their high school diploma or GED at the Adult School and are always welcome to use our open lab for completion of college assignments once they transition.

Our academic programs strive to prepare students for a successful transition to a post-secondary college environment, additional work skills training, or job placement.

College & Career Advising

Our Transition Support Services are designed to help you pursue your academic and career goals. Students who are enrolled in FUHSD Adult School are eligible for transition services--whether in ESL, Career Technical Education, High School Diploma or other program areas.

Our Transition Counselor and Coordinating Teacher of Transition will help you accomplish the following:

  • Set goals and identify next steps;
  • Create an individualized college and career plan;
  • Apply to college;
  • Understand and apply for financial aid;
  • Become familiar with college resources;
  • Acquire and expand job skills;
  • Develop a resume; and
  • Use community resources to meet job goals.

Call us today at (408) 522-2700 to explore our program areas, courses, and how to become a student and benefit from the available college and career advising. Are you an alumni? Please see the Alumni tab for services immediately available to you.


The High School Diploma/GED Program has a scholarship fund that can help you offset the costs of being an Adult School student based on need. With a simple application, we can help you with the cost of such things as public transportation, the fees for taking GED tests, or support the cost of a course at the community college if it fulfills subject area credits needed for the Adult Diploma. Our goal is to promote your success as an adult student by reducing as many barriers as possible that could potentially hinder progress toward your identified goals. We also have scholarships that we award at graduation to help students transition to their next endeavor.  

The Scholarship Fund is supported annually through fundraising efforts every spring in March, where we celebrate the concept of ‘Pi in your life’ (translated numerically as 3.14 or π) with school wide activities that raise money for our scholarship fund. In addition, our very generous partner--Cupertino Rotary--raise money to directly sustain our students through their annual scholarship fund donations.

Specific information for scholarships can be discussed with our Transition Counselor, but feel free to call or stop in the office to receive assistance in making that appointment.


Our Transition Support Services are set up to support you while you are a student at our adult school and beyond. Once you are our student, you are always our student. As you exit our school and begin your next steps - whether work, college or additional training - we are here to help. For example, do you need help filling out the FAFSA for college funding? Need help picking your college classes or thinking about which college fits your needs the best? Are you feeling like you may be missing something that you need to be successful but you are not sure what it is and just want to brainstorm? Need help with a resume or job application? Make an appointment with the Transitions Counselor to access these and many more Alumni Services available to our former students.

There are also opportunities to give back to your school and support your peers that are currently enrolled at the adult school. When you contact the Transition Counselor, feel free to mention this and explore how you can continue to be a part of, and engage with, our community of learners.

Learning Resource Center

Need a career tune-up? Thinking about college? Need a specific skill to land your next job? Come to the Learning Resource Center (LRC) for more information.

The LRC is open Monday through Thursday from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. and on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 12:30 to 4 p.m.

LRC Resources


Want to know more about college and career? Our Transition Support Services are designed to help you pursue your academic and career goals. Students who are enrolled in our ASE program are eligible for transition services.

Our Counselors will help you accomplish the following:

  • set goals and identify next steps;
  • create an individualized college and career plan;
  • apply to college;
  • become familiar with college resources;
  • acquire and expand job skills;
  • develop a resume; and
  • use community resources to meet job goals 

Sign up for a Saturday class. Most of the following classes are offered quarterly:

  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Enroll in College
  • Resume and Cover Letter Tune-Up
  • Interviewing Techniques

For more information contact our College Transition Counselor Desirie Torres, at or 408-522-2719.

Document Scanning

The LRC features an advanced Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500. This double sided scanner can turn a 30 page document into a searchable pdf file in seconds. Available to all students and staff at our fast scanning workstation. Just ask one of our LRC staff members for assistance in setting up.

ScanSnap iX500

The ScanSnap iX500 is the scanner that intuitively guides you through every step of the scanning process, and lets you access your documents anywhere and anytime. Scan to and view across a range of popular cloud services, or wirelessly scan to your PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, and Android devices. A host of automated settings are designed for effortless scanning. Scan your everyday documents, from business cards to A4 and even A3 paper. Once scanned, you can send the data to Word, Excel, e-mail, and SharePoint amongst others. Wirelessly scan to your PC or Mac as well as iOS or Android mobile devices. The iX500 scans everyday documents intuitively with ease, no matter the size.

ScanSnap Carrier Sheets

Use of a carrier sheet enables iX500 users to digitize larger documents (A3/B4), as well as magazine and newspaper clippings and photographs. Such document containing carrier sheets can be scanned successively or mixed in with regular paper documents.

Intuitive Quick Menu and ScanSnap Folder for Flexible Operation

The Quick Menu can be set up to display your 'Favorite' scanning destinations or will 'Recommend' an application. For example, scan a business card which will then be automatically recognized and a list of business card-related applications will be recommended. Does your Windows application have an import or browse command? If so you can now easily scan directly to this application even when no scanning interface is available assuming it supports .pdf or .jpg. Simply browse to the new 'ScanSnap Folder' within your local computer, hit the blue scan button, and your document will then be automatically imported into your application and then deleted from 'ScanSnap Folder.'

Generate Editable PDF Files

The ScanSnap iX500 comes bundled with Adobe Acrobat X Standard (for Windows only), which enables users to move beyond merely "seeing" and "printing" generated data, to editing generated PDF files however they like. It generates password and digital ID attached PDF files that are ideal for safeguarding personal information and other confidential information that needs to be protected.

LRC Computer Lab

The LRC features 20 Mac Mini Workstations and 5 MacBook Pro's for individual and group use. The computers feature both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems which students choose upon turning on the machines. Students are welcome to use all machines during LRC hours. Students need to login using the assigned username and password from their current courses.

Printing in the LRC

The LRC features a Color HP Laserjet 3525. Printing is free for students. You can print from any of our dual boot lab workstations or bring your own computing device.

Personal Laptops

You must connect to the FUHSD wireless network using your classes login and password. You can setup the printer using the HP network driver settings. Printer address is

Google Chromebook Users

From your chromebook click on this link
ACE Room 9 CP3525

Android Tablets Users

Running google chrome browser
From device click on this link.
ACE Room 9 CP3525

Online Resources

Career Exploration

  • California Career Center: CalCC is focused on resources for students but also contains resources for counselors, parents, teachers. 
  • California Career Zone: Explore job families, get pay scales and find out which job is best for your personality type!
  • Nevada Workforce Development site: This link contains multiple ways to assess your personality for different careers!
  • This is a FREE version of a career interest survey that helps students identify their skills and interests in terms of career pathways. 
  • WHODOYOUWANT2B: Career exploration and job information.

College Exploration

  • AdmitHub: Free expert College Admissions Advice
  • College Board: This websites allows you to search for colleges, look up specific scholarships, and learn about the college fit. 
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid: This is the application for FAFSA. To be considered for federal student aid for the start of the award year, you can complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), starting on Oct of the previous year. Please consult FAFSA website for actual dates for each academic year. However, colleges may have individual deadlines. 
  • National Association For College Admission Counseling: The National Association for College Admission Counseling has a ton of resources for students. 
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Search for scholarships

Computer Skills

Homework Support

Interview/Resume Resources

Job Resources

  • CalJobs - EDD: Search Engine for Jobs
  • Career One Stop - US Dept of Labor: Job Search and Exploration
  • CAREERJOBS: Job resources for career positions
  • CRAIGSLIST: Local Job Search Resource
  • Department of Rehabilitation: The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is an employment and independent living resource for people with disabilities.
  • EDJOIN: Jobs in the education sector. Searchable by city and county.
  • INDEED: Search by job type and city. Post your resume for potential employers.
  • Job placement help: Are you looking for tips, strategies, and information to assist you with your job-search activities? Take a look at NOVA's newest job-search resource — MyPlan — which has been designed to complement NOVA's workshops and career-advising services. Our team of developers is continuing to improve upon NOVA's great, new online tool.
  • JOBCORPS: Education and training resource for 18-24 yr olds who are legal residents and meet low-income criteria.
  • NOVA job listings: Current Job Board
  • SNAGAJOB: Searchable database of temporary and permanent jobs
  • Work-2-Future: Each work2future One-Stop Center offers a full range of job search services that help jump-start a job search, all at no cost to the job seeker.
  • ZipRecruiter and ZipRecruiter Salary Calculator

Job Skills

Local Community Colleges

Local Library Resources

New Immigrant Resources

  • ACLU - Website for a variety of human rights issues: Know your rights for a variety of issues. Material available in Spanish as well.
  • Genral Information and Support - 211: 211 Santa Clara County, a program of United Way Bay Area (formerly United Way Silicon Valley), is the dialing code for free, non-emergency community, health and disaster information in Santa Clara County. Callers receive personalized information and referrals from a live, highly-trained Call Specialist who can answer questions about a variety of nonprofit services and agencies. 211 is confidential, available in over 170 languages and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Information about whether or not is is safe to apply for Healthcare: Since the 2016 presidential election, questions have arisen about whether it is safe for families to apply for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplaces, Medicaid, and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) if they include members who are not authorized to be in the U.S. Some individuals and families have even decided not to seek health care because they fear that their immigration status might be discovered or shared with immigration enforcement agents.
  • Know Your Rights - Immigration and Civil Rights Info: Immigration handout about what to do in various circumstances. Published by ACLU, CAIR, and Asian Law Caucus
  • Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America: Founded in 1968, MALDEF is the nation's leading Latino legal civil rights organization. Often described as the "Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America" MALDEF promotes social change through advocacy, communications, community education, and litigation in the areas of education, employment, immigrant rights, and political access.
  • New Immigrant Information: is a collaborative project, sponsored by the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations (SCC OIR) and the South Bay Consortium of Adult Education (SBCAE). This unique partnership is creating new connections between immigration/citizenship service providers and the adult education providers that are helping newcomers through access to English, literacy, life skills, vocational training, employment assistance and a path to higher education. Working together, these partners can lead immigrants and their families to achieve higher levels of civic participation, financial security and social comfort.
  • United We Dream - Resources for undocumented and DACAmented persons!: United We Dream provides tools and resources for its affiliates and supporters, to help with your advocacy and direct service work!